Rachael Watson


Rachael is the author of Forbidden Healing, the first book in the Chronicles of the God-Sage. She has more qualifications than she knows what to do with, having read Classics at Cambridge University as well as several other postgraduate diplomas and degrees that took her further and further from what she actually wanted to do: make up stories about magic.  

She has a secret folder full of unfinished manuscripts written in her lunch breaks. 

She lives full time in West London with her husband and three children. 

Forbidden Healing is her first novel.

Other random facts

Rachael can see energy fields around people, and often finds herself looking at another person’s ‘field’ rather than their face, although this is a habit she’s trying to break!  

Rachael has always been fascinated by dreams and taught herself to lucid dream over the course of 2020. She has since explored the dreamscape in more ways than she knew possible. 

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